If Nerd is the new cool, then being a Blerd is the coolest. Blerd Senpai will be a place for information, entertainment and exploration into the cultures, fashion, news and politics that concern our community. Every episode we dive deep into the Black nerd zeitgeist. Enjoy the ride with me.

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What is a Blerd?

Through a series of interviews, with a variety of people in all walks of life. We try to figure out the question "What is a Blerd?", beyond the heterogenous combination of the words Black and Nerd. We will be coming to terms with a deeper understanding of the turn of phrase and its place in American vernacular. The term owes it notoriety to main-stream popularity to it being coined on the NBC series Scrubs in 2006, Season 6, Episode 2 the episode “My Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby and My Baby’s Baby,” in it Dr. Christoper Turk (Donald Faison) describes his cousin as "the world's biggest Blerd".

On this episode we interview Writer, Director, Social Activist, Artist, and all-around Blerd Raafi Rivero.

On this episode we interview CEO, Cosplayer, Artist, and all-around creator Jardel Perrier aka Sony Enix.

On this episode we interview Cosplayer, Chef, Social Media Influencer and all-around Blerd Charmneara.

On this episode we interview Cosplayer, Actor, Singer, who's most recent credits include fulfilling a childhood dream of being a Spice Girl, by reprising her role of Mel B. aka Scary Spice in Ghostlight Ensemble’s live reading of Spice World the movie. She was also Lady Basildon in their production of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband. She also enjoyed her role of Emma Goode in Terra Mysterium’s A Midwinter Mummer’s Tale.